The Grower’s Library is Grow Pittsburgh’s library of techniques, tips, and information about gardening. We cover pests and invasive plants, general information, how-tos, and even recipes. Compiled and written by Urban Harvester author Susanna Meyer.


Choosing crops for your garden space? Check out these tips on varieties, planting schedules, and advice on what’s right for your situation.


Once the growth begins, it’s just the beginning. Make use of these tips to help keep your garden flourishing during the entire growing season.

Pests, Weeds, and Disease

Every gardening project will inevitably encounter challenges from pests, weeds and diseases. These resources can help you identify the sources of issues in your garden and help you to solve them so you can keep your garden flourishing.  


Some insects help you keep common garden pests at bay. Natural predators are an effective and non-toxic approach to pest control. Use these resources to learn how to identify which insects can help your garden grow.

Cold Weather

Even in winter, there’s work you can do to preserve and prepare your garden for next season. Make use of these guides as you put your garden to bed for the winter.


You’ve been working hard to grow some great food, and now it’s finally time to make something delicious! Check out our tips and suggestions for what you can do with all of the awesome food you have been growing all season long.


Interested in learning more and seeing demonstrations? Check out our full video library on Facebook. Learn growing tips from our urban farmers, check out past workshops, and more!

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