“A corn-a-what?” asked a student recently.   Historically, the image of a cornucopia or “horn of plenty” has been a woven, horn-shaped basket full to the brim with vegetables, nuts, fruits and other wild edibles.  In mythology and in many historic artistic depictions,Office Project ativação chave
the cornucopia is a symbol of abundance which surfaces around Thanksgiving.  This time of year provides us the opportunity for two important actions: appreciation and enjoyment. Appreciation for another season of growth and learning in the garden and enjoyment of the fruits (and vegetables!) of our labor – and the food-labor of folks in other parts of the state, the country and the world. 

   The school garden cornucopia rarely takes the shape of a horn — but it surely exists!Office Visio ativação chave
Our ESY cornucopia looks like children harvesting kale by the arm-full, parents and teachers heading home with bags spilling over with parsley or our Garden Educators smiling widely at their ears of popcorn with jewel-toned kernels.

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