Looking for some holiday gifts for the gardeners in your life? Check out these options that may not have crossed your mind!

For Beginner Gardeners: 

Most beginner gardeners are happy to receive the basics, or anything that simplifies their gardening tasks. Beyond gift certificates to reputable seed catalogs, we recommend:

Seed tape: Seed tape takes the question marks out of planting. Just dig a trench the proper depth for the seed, unroll the biodegradable tape, and cover with soil. The seeds will germinate at the correct spacing!


This seed tape is from Gardeners Supply. Another great supplier is Territorial Seeds.

This seed tape is from Gardeners Supply. Another great supplier is Territorial Seeds.


Watering can: A good quality, metal watering can makes one of the most repetitive gardening jobs easier, and it will last for years.



For Gardeners of All Skill Levels:

Nitrile gloves: These colorful gloves fit like a second skin, offering a tough layer of protection. They are thin enough that they work for most tasks – even ones requiring precision.


Unique hand tools: Hand tools can be pricey – especially good quality ones. But they are essential to gardening, and can make tasks easier, if not enjoyable! We recommend Rogue hand hoes or the one pictured below.


A hand hoe from Johnny's Selected Seeds.

A hand hoe from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.


Gifts from Grow Pittsburgh

We’ve got quite a few resources for helping gardeners learn more and grow more! To find out more or to purchase any of the following, contact kate@growpittsburgh.org or give her a call at 412.362.4769 ext. 100. For delivery before the holidays, orders must be received by Fri., Dec. 19.




Garden journal: This simple and beautiful book is a great gift for any home gardener. The journal includes garden tips by month along with plenty of space for recording planting and harvesting details and ideas for upcoming seasons.




Garden Resource Center membership: Grow Pittsburgh recently launched our GRC – a site in Larimer offering tools, supplies, and information to local gardeners. Look here for more info on what a membership includes!


garden primer


A Garden Primer classes: Each winter, we offer several 3-part gardening courses. These classes start from the ground up, offering detailed info about vegetable gardening, from site selection, to soil building, planting, harvesting, organic pest and disease control, food preservation, and putting the garden to bed. Email kate@growpittsburgh.org or call 412.362.4769 ext. 100 for more info about the 2015 schedule!


gp membership


Grow Pittsburgh membership: Looking for a gift that gives back? Consider gifting a membership to Grow Pittsburgh. Your dollars will honor a loved one as well as help us educate residents, young people, and aspiring farmers; build more gardens in communities and schools; and advocate to make it easier to grow food in our city.