We're not just growing produce, we're growing leaders

Since 2005, Grow Pittsburgh has offered paid educational opportunities on its production sites, teaching skills to a new generation of farmers through its Urban Farm Apprenticeship program. Braddock Farms and Shiloh Farm act as outdoor classrooms, teaching young adults skills they need to transition to careers in sustainable food, community involvement, and business.

Thirty-six apprentices have worked on Grow Pittsburgh’s production sites, receiving the training and hands-on education they need to become leaders in their community. Help us grow more leaders by joining or renewing your membership today! You can also give the gift of membership or honor someone with a membership today.


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  • $25 can cover the cost of a soil test for a community garden
  • $50 can provide a Garden Primer workshop for a home gardener
  • $100 can provide seedlings for a school garden
  • $250 can provide an educational field trip for our Urban Farm Apprentices
  • $500 can cover the cost of a drip irrigation system for a farm site
  • $1,000 can provide a community garden with a Sustainability Fund Grant




  • Free registration to our workshop series. These monthly workshops explore a diverse variety of topics from soil building to pest identification. Each membership provides up to 2 free registrations per workshop.
  • Discounts on GP events, including the Garden Primer. Check our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for registration details. Each membership provides up to 2 discounted tickets to each event.
  • Discounted registration to the Garden Resource Center. Each membership provides a $10 discount off the GRC registration fee, making it only $30 for access to gardening supplies, tools and a resource library all growing season long!
  • Grow Pittsburgh tees are discounted to $15 for our members.
  • Supporting our mission and enabling us to continue our programs and services. Grow Pittsburgh values equity and food sovereignty and keeps these ideals at the forefront of our programming.