3rd Grade – 5th Grade

How Did That Get In My Lunchbox: The Story of Food by Butterworth
(Non-fiction) Beautifully illustrated book with realistic depictions of the industrial agriculture system in place in the U.S. and globally. Great details about where your food is growing and who is growing, processing, and packaging it, as well as good vocabulary words and an index.

Oh Say Can You Seed? By Worth
(Non-fiction) The Cat in the Hat takes the reader through a very informative introduction to the needs of seeds and the parts of a plant. Useful glossary.

The First Garden: The White House Garden and How It Grew by Gourley
(Non-fiction) A sneak peek into the garden Michelle Obama planted at the White House complete with president-approved recipes. The book includes information on other first-lady gardeners as well as reasons why Mrs. Obama believes all kids should garden.

Jump into Science: Dirt by Tomecek
(Non-fiction) Wonderfully colorful illustrations paired with great facts all about soil: composition, earthworms/microbes, building soil and the history of soil. Experiment at the end.

Compost Critter by Lavis
(Non-fiction) Very, very long, but full of good information and large close-up pictures of the critters in your compost pile. Has a good section on frost and winter and the compost pile, too.

Honeybees by Heiligman
(Non-fiction) Lots of accurate honeybee facts, nicely told and illustrated. Fun “dance like a honeybee” activity in the back.

Loaves of Fun by Harbison
(Non-fiction)A long history, recipe book about bread. Good resource, traces the consumption of different kinds of bread through time and across the world.

The Popcorn Book by dePaola
(Non-fiction) Very fun, interesting facts about popcorn and its history. Simultaneous description of how to make popcorn. Mediocre illustrations.

Sunshine Makes the Seasons by Branley
(Non-fiction) Tackles complex subject of earth’s tilt and the creation of seasons across the world well. Nice illustrations, good narrative, practical example of an orange as the earth, the sun as a flashlight that could be used in class.

Master Davey and the Magic Tea House by Chodakiewitz
(Fiction) When the precious Blue Tiger Tea is about to disappear forever Hopper and Camellia set out on a grand adventure. Will they have the courage to unlock clues, face a tiger, and save the tea? This story dabbles with the process of making tea and noticing different aromas.