Join the Perennials, our caring group of supporters who commit to giving each month.

Monthly giving is a special way for you to have a greater impact on providing growers of all ages with the tools, resources, and know-how needed to grow vibrant gardens and share fresh food with their families and neighbors. It’s easy and affordable, and your impact is significant. 

As gardeners and farmers we know that perennial plants can be counted on to flourish year after year. As one of Grow Pittsburgh’s Perennial members, your generosity will be a dependable source of monthly support in our year-round efforts. 

As a way to give back, we’re happy to share the following perks with you for your monthly support:

  • Free (or discounted) admission to our workshop series
  • Special events just for our Perennial members
  • A free plant from our greenhouse each year
  • Advocacy for policies that build a food system that benefits our communities, our local economy, and our environment in ways that are equitable and sustainable.
  • Being part of a community that shares in the values of community participation, environmental responsibility, equity, fiscal integrity, food sovereignty, resourcefulness, social justice, and transparency.

You’ll also receive special updates to let you know about the great things you’re making possible. And you’ll love being part of our special group of friends just like you, who believe in making fresh food easily accessible.

For more information, please contact: or call 412-362-4769

Perennials Member: Gwendolyn Moorer

“If it wasn’t for Grow Pittsburgh, can you imagine?!? My garden wouldn’t be what it is. The first Grow Pittsburgh class I took taught me how to organize my thought process; it made gardening more of a science to me than just a happy hobby.
I’ve been a member of the Garden Resource Center (GRC) for many years. It’s a great foundation for us all, being able to get the compost and mulch and topsoil.  And if I didn’t have that as a resource–and the same is true for so many around the city–I don’t think we’d have the urban gardens that we have now. You’ve been a wonderful resource for all of us—advising, cultivating, and providing all the different resources we need including materials and equipment.
  • – Gwendolyn Moorer, Perennial supporter, GRC member, and community gardener