Grow Pittsburgh’s School Garden Program supports students and teachers at 33 schools with a population of over 16,000 students! In 2019 we plan to build another 10 school gardens. As we continue our work of teaching students to grow, cook and eat fresh food while celebrating their cultures and outdoor experiences, we need your support to seed the future.

With monthly giving options starting at just $5 a month, it’s easy to help foster a love for growing and eating nutritious food.

Your monthly gift supports garden education for students throughout Pittsburgh!

$5 per month covers a bulb planting lesson for 60 kindergarteners

$10 per month covers winter cooking lesson supplies for 100 students

$20 per month provides seeds and seedlings for one school garden

$40 per month covers a garden training for 30 teachers

$75 per month supplies compost tumblers for 10 schools

$100  per month covers all of the garden tools and materials for five school gardens