Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in people’s anxieties about grocery runs and food supplies, as well as a surge in interest from community members who want to grow their own food and realize the many benefits of gardening.  

Your gift can help fill this need. Your donation today will help provide safe curbside pickup at our farm stands, veggie home deliveries throughout the region, and education, tools, and supplies so residents can grow their own food. 

You can make a real difference now and all year! With monthly giving options starting at just $5 a month, you can make lasting impacts by sustaining this vital work year-round.

Gifts of any size help make a bounty of fresh produce available and help teach people how to grow their own food.

$5 per month can save a family hundreds of dollars on grocery bills by helping them learn to grow some of their own food. 

$10 per month can help someone jump-start their garden by giving them materials like compost and soil.

$20 per month helps hundreds of home-bound students and their families learn to garden.

$50 per month can add fresh produce to senior boxes for delivery to senior living centers.

$100 per month can ensure safe curbside service at a new roadside farm stand in Braddock.

Other Ways to Give:

Your time and efforts are invaluable!

  • Employer Match

Many companies will match the tax-deductible charitable giving of their employees. Please check with your Human Resources department to see if this option is available to you. 

  • Charitable Bequests 

Interested in leaving a legacy that keeps on growing? Contact Ryan Walsh at or 412-362-4769 x219 to learn more.