This year we’re partnering with Dancing Gnome Brewery to help you get in the gardening spirit. We’re pleased to announce a monthly Garden Tool beer series, proceeds of which support Grow Pittsburgh.

The Grube Hoe is next in the Garden Tool Beer series. This year we are collaborating with the Dancing Gnome brewery to bring you new and exciting beers, and a chance to support Grow Pittsburgh in the process. If you missed the previous beers don’t fret, there are more on the way! Each month our collaboration will feature a beer named after a garden tool, with the information provided by us and the can artwork by Camp Copeland Studio. Whether you have acres outside of the city, some raised beds in the suburbs, or a small porch set up in the city, we want to give you the tools you need to succeed, so learn more about the tools and try out these new beers available for a limited time.

About the beer: This 6.2% hazy IPA was brewed with Belgian pale malt to showcase the effect the grain has on flavor and mouthfeel.

About the tool:   The Grub Hoe is a go-to tool for moving large amounts of soil, chopping through roots, and digging trenches. It can also be used more gently to “scrape” weeds and sod, cutting them off right at or just below the soil surface. The head of this tool is generally made of forged steel with sharpened blade on the end, making it both strong enough for heavy duty tasks and able to dig deep with each swing.

You can find the tools featured in this collaboration at our Garden Resource Center, which is open with its fall hours until November 5.

Learn more about the Grub Hoe and how you can use it in your garden

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