Hilltop Alliance, Grow Pittsburgh, and Penn State Cooperative Extension are proposing a multi-faceted urban farm on the former St. Clair Village site in the St. Clair neighborhood of the Hilltop area of the South Side.

The proposed Hilltop Urban Farm would include a farmer development program where aspiring farmers can rent prepared growing space, access farming equipment and facilities, and are provided education to help them build skills in organic agriculture and running a profitable small farm business.  This model enables the participants to ‘incubate’ their farm for a limited amount of time before embarking on an independent farming endeavor.  For more information about farmer development programs in general, check out: http://nesfp.nutrition.tufts.edu/food-systems/national-incubator-farm-training-initiative

In preparing our proposal, we’re gathering feedback from the region’s beginner farmers who may someday wish to enroll in this kind of project.  Please take our short survey and share this webpage with others you know who might be interested in participating in such a project.

Take the survey!

For questions or feedback, contact Marisa Manheim, Director of Community Projects, marisa@growpittsburgh.org or 412-362-4769 x103.

Save the date!

The next community meeting for the farm proposal will take place 7:00-9:00 pm on June 25 at the Lighthouse Cathedral at 810 Fisher St, Pittsburgh 15210.