If you’ve driven past Shiloh Peace Farm at the corner of Homewood Avenue and Thomas Boulevard, you’ve probably noticed two very large, new additions: solar panels!

In January, Energy Independent Solutions installed 40 solar panels behind Shiloh Farm. This 11-kilowatt array connects to another 34 panels located on the roof of the house next to the farm. Together, these panels provide electricity to all the circuits in the house. Any time there is extra electricity, it goes into the electric company through a tied system. According to the owner, you can watch the electric meter spin backwards on a sunny day! The electric meter credits the homeowners for any extra electricity generated.

Be sure to drive by Shiloh to see the panels (you can’t miss them)! If you’d like a tour of the solar panel system, contact Fred Kraybill at fredkraybill(at)yahoo(dot)com.