kristen braddock

Kristen Hunninen was a senior apprentice at Braddock Farms in 2013 and 2014. Here’s a reflection from Kristen on her two years in our apprentice program.

Why did you apply for the apprentice position?
I applied for the apprenticeship position to learn everything that went into urban farming. From soil amendments to crop rotation, to processing and storing crops. Ultimately, I would like to run a similar farm for our military veterans and wanted to learn the ins and outs of small-scale farming.

What’s the biggest thing you learned during your apprenticeship?
I feel like there is a lot I can say here! The first big thing that struck me, that has always stuck with me, is about resources. How do you best use what’s available to you when you’re confined to an acre within a city neighborhood? Even though it’s less-than-ideal, it’s kind of fun in a challenging way-it keeps things interesting! You really have to learn to use the buildings and resources around to help facilitate your needs.

What are your next steps?
My next step is to explore work in the mental health field as well as gain more experience with the administrative and development side of organizations.

What’s one thing you won’t miss about being an apprentice?
This is a hard one because everything about the apprenticeship was pretty awesome. But that being said I won’t really miss the feeling of not knowing what’s going on, as is inevitable when you’re seeing a farm season for the first time. As the months change, so does the type of work!

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