We are pleased to share with you a document outlining the urban agriculture policy priorities that Grow Pittsburgh is committed to spearheading in the the near future. These policy priorities arose from the many conversations we’ve had with urban growers over the last few years, culminating in the Urban Agriculture Policy Symposium we hosted in December 2013.


We have already begun working on many of the objectives laid out within this document. That said, it is only a snapshot and we remain open to the changing needs of the urban grower community, and responsive to the changing policy landscape.


We also recognize that this document is not the sum total of all the needs and issues within our local urban agriculture community. There are many problems to tackle, and the priorities addressed in this document are those that Grow Pittsburgh is prepared to move forward with in the coming few years. Many excellent ideas have been generated over the course of this process that we invite others to take the lead on.


We are excited to take these steps forward with you, whether you are an individual gardener, a community organizer, a non-profit employee, a funder, or a City official.


To a growing city!


Link to our policy priorities.