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Have you ever wished there was one convenient place to go for organic food gardening resources? We know it can be hard to find the supplies you need for the season – especially tailored to vegetable gardening.

In order to begin to address the need, we’re thrilled to unveil our Garden Resource Center, this Saturday Sept. 27, from 12:00-5:00! The center is located in Larimer at 147 Putnam St.

*** For more details and up-to-date info on the center please visit the GRC website ***

garden resource center flier

The Garden Resource Center will offer:

  • Gardening tools to borrow, from cordless drills to post hole diggers, compost sifters, and wheelbarrows. For a more complete list, look here!
  • Supplies, like compost and mulch, pest management products, and straw.
  • Expert advice and access to a library of books and other reading materials.

Home gardeners, community gardeners, businesses with gardens…all are welcome to become members of the Garden Resource Center! For more information, check out the Grow Pittsburgh website.

Hope to see you there!