Silvan and Jordan are volunteers at The Garden Resource Center. They are an awesome couple and great asset to the GRC. Talk to one of them or Queeba about volunteering at the GRC the next time you visit. 

Why do you like the GRC?
The GRC is such a great resource for gardeners, and we’re so glad we found it shortly after moving to Pittsburgh. We love how it not only makes growing food much more affordable, it also encourages borrowing and fixing rather than buying, and getting to know your neighbors! 

Tell us about your pets.
We have two dogs: a big sleepy hound dog named Buck and a sweet but very energetic pit bull named Lil’ Moo. They keep us entertained!

What do you like about Pittsburgh?
We love all the beautiful parks and green spaces in Pittsburgh. It’s so nice to have all the amenities of a city but still be able to escape to the parks and mountains for some needed nature time.

What is your favorite tool?
Silvan likes a nice sharp spade. Jordan is a big fan of the broadfork.

What kind of gardener are you?
We currently have two community garden plots. We’ve been in an apartment since we moved to Pittsburgh, but we are excited to start gardening in our new backyard very soon!

What is your favorite thing to grow?
We love growing just about every vegetable, but harvesting potatoes (sweet or Irish) is one of our favorite garden activities.