Max Hill: Repair the World Food Justice Cohort Team LeaderChances are you’ve already met Max at the Garden Resource Center this season. Our Repair the World: Pittsburgh food justice fellow is back for another season as the cohort’s team leader, where he’ll continue working with us to help meet your gardening needs!

We are actively seeking volunteers for the GRC: talk to Max or Queeba the next time you visit.

What do you like most about the GRC?
I like the GRC because it’s a community space where individuals can come for inexpensive access to tools, gardening supplies, or knowledge. From backyard gardeners signing up for the first time to people who’ve been gardening for half a century, I get to hear the most interesting stories and experiences. I’ve also met people doing such cool work around the city in regards to food justice, and I’m able to talk about my work with Repair the World: Pittsburgh.

What is your favorite tool?
I’m torn between the brush trimmer and the tiller. There’s nothing more fun than firing up a machine, putting on a pair of headphones, and cranking out a bunch of work.

What kind of Gardener are you?
I wear many hats, fortunately. I have a bed in my backyard, mostly for my own cooking needs, and manage Sheridan Avenue Orchard & Garden which benefits East End Cooperative Ministries. I also do food justice work with Repair the World: Pittsburgh, recruiting volunteers for partner organizations like 412 Food Rescue, the Jewish Relief Agency, Just Harvest, and of course Grow Pittsburgh. We also host educational events around food and education justice, most of which are totally free to attend.

What is your favorite thing to grow?
This is a really tough question. I’m growing winter squash for the first time right now and they’re massive, but I’m always a sucker for a sun-warmed cherry tomato straight off the vine.