Susanna in Greenhouse_FotorIt’s time to say goodbye to our Director of Agricultural Production, Susanna Meyer, after 10 years with Grow Pittsburgh.

Susanna began her career with Grow Pittsburgh co-managing Mildred’s Daughters Urban Farm. She then moved onto managing the Frick Greenhouse in Grow Pittsburgh’s first year working there. After the organization began growing at Shiloh Farm, that became part of Susanna’s duties as well. She then became Production Manager, helping to oversee the management of those sites as well as Braddock Farms. For the last several years, she has served as Grow Pittsburgh’s Director of Agricultural Production, overseeing all production sites and writing the Urban Harvester and Info Hub sections of the website.

“This was my first job in my career,” said Susanna. “I think I was able to grow alongside the organization which was kind of a cool fit. There seemed to always be a spot for me in this organization.”

Susanna is now co-managing a farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania with her husband. She’ll be the field manager, getting her hands back in the dirt. She’s excited for the opportunity and grateful for her time at Grow Pittsburgh.

“I’ll miss the people,” she said. “Grow Pittsburgh has such a great team and it’s the reason I’ve stuck around as long as I have. I think being at Grow Pittsburgh has made me a more well-rounded person.”