My name is Raqueeb Bey but most people call me Queeba. I have already met with many of you and I enjoy your presence and conversations at the Garden Resource Center. I look forward to meeting more of you and assisting you to the best of my capabilities.

The Garden Resource Center now has a battery-powered lawn mowerhedge trimmer, and string trimmer for rent. We also have a gas-powered brush trimmer that can be used to cut large areas of tall grass and weeds.

To keep all our equipment running well for everyone’s use, we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  • Gas-powered machines sound tough, but their pull cords need tender care. Pulling it faster won’t make them turn on more quickly. Always return the cord to the engine after each pull. Small engines need short pulls while large engines need longer pulls.
  • Use the correct hand tool for the job: loppers are great for branches smaller than two finger widths. Only use hand pruners on pinkie-sized branches. If you need to take care of larger branches, use a pruning saw.

The Garden Resource Center is open to any individual or group within Allegheny County. We wholeheartedly support backyard gardeners, community gardeners, and locally-owned small businesses who are working to produce food for themselves or others. We believe that “access to locally-grown, chemical-free fruits and vegetables is a right, not a privilege.”