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Food For Thought 

Photo Credit: James Souder

The past few months at Edible Schoolyard Pittsburgh have been spent teaching lessons from our Winter Cooking Program.  Together with students, we’re learning that food is one of the most basic – and the most important – elements of life around the world.  After all, everyone must eat.  There are healthy food traditions from so many countries from which we can learn.  During our cooking classes, we’re trying to ask a wide variety of questions in an effort to take the mystery out of our food and make connections to food cultures from across the globe.


Here are some of the questions we’re asking about our food:


-What is it/ what ingredients are in it?

-What are the main plant ingredients?

-Where was it grown or produced?

-Can we grow or produce it here in Pittsburgh?  Why or why not?

-What culture first popularized this food?

-What process did this food go through from plant to its current form?

-What roles did people play in the production of this food?


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