Pittsburgh has a lot of compacted clay soil. That’s just how it is. Breaking new ground at a garden site is tough enough as it is but without the right tools, it’s even harder.

We recently were the beneficiaries of a donation of tools from Easy Digging that are designed to step up to the challenge of cultivating and prepping garden beds that may be compacted and have more clay.

The Garden Resource Center currently serves over 320 backyard and community gardeners with access to tool rental and bulk materials. With Easy Digging’s donation of a fork hoe (pictured) and a grape hoe we can expand our selection of tools designed for specific jobs that may not be available to most gardeners.

We’re also very happy with the “unbreakable” broadfork. We bought one for the GRC and two for our community garden program earlier this year and they make prepping beds like cutting into butter.

Remember these tools are not designed for breaking up sod, prying big roots, or levering stones. Use a sharp square edging shovel and a rock bar/pry bar, respectively, for those tasks.

The tools from Easy Digging are some of the best out there and we are so excited to now have some of them in stock at the Garden Resource Center so that hundreds of backyard and community gardeners have access to them. Check out EasyDigging.com for more information and their full selection of premium tools for gardening, farming, and trenching.