This year we’re partnering with Dancing Gnome Brewery to help you get in the gardening spirit. We’re pleased to announce a monthly Garden Tool beer series, proceeds of which support Grow Pittsburgh.

Whether you have acres outside of the city, some raised beds in the suburbs, or a small porch set up in the city, we want to give you the tools you need to succeed. Each month, a new craft beer from our collaboration with the Dancing Gnome brewery will feature a garden tool with the information provided by Grow Pittsburgh and the can artwork by Camp Copeland Studio. The first beer in the series is now available, a wheat-heavy IPA called Broadfork.

Dancing Gnome’s description of the beer: The first in our 2022 Garden Tool series with Grow Pittsburgh is Broadfork. This year we’re going back to hazy IPAs, but with a focus on malts to see how best we can get those hops to pop. Broadfork is brewed with a significant portion (more than 50%!) of three separate kinds of wheat and is well-hopped with a blend of bold American hops for a citrus explosion in the glass.

Photos by: Dancing Gnome

About the tool: A broadfork is a tool that can manually break up densely packed soil to improve aeration and drainage as part of a no-till or reduced-till seedbed preparation process. This method helps to preserve the soil structure and can limit the resurfacing of weed seeds. You can find the tools featured in this collaboration at our Garden Resource Center, which re-opens for the season on March 19.

Learn more about the Broadfork and how you can use it in your garden

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