1901 Clayton Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15214
1901 Clayton Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15214 US
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Annette Stinson

In an effort to maintain our school garden, improve upon our successes and learn from our mistakes, we are in need of some supplies.  We have found that our garden is visited by local wildlife.  Therefore, we have had to be creative in keeping our plants safe from too many nibbles!  Our hoops and row cover are worn.  Replenishment of those materials would be helpful.  We have improvised with small pieces of fencing that have been reused from other gardens or projects.  A few rolls of small fencing would provide a sufficient barrier and would be more aesthetically pleasing than what we currently have to use.  A second composter would also help us to keep the garden tidy as we seem to have the most success growing weeds filling our small composter rather quickly.  If we have a second composter, we could put those weeds to good use.  Lastly, we would love some tomato stakes.  Our goal for next years tomatoes is to keep them more organized and staked as they grow.  Thank you for considering our needs.

I attempted to include photos but they would not upload.  I am happy to send photos through email or another source.