We are excited to welcome five field-based production apprentices, an education intern, and an external affairs intern this year!

Our apprentices will get hands-on experience at Braddock Farms, the Frick Greenhouse and Shiloh Peace Farm. By the end of the growing season, they will have direct experience will all aspects of urban farming, from seedling production and soil preparation to harvesting and sales.

Our education intern will be supporting all of our education programs with a specific focus on working with our Edible Schoolyard and Urban Farmers in Training program. Our external affairs intern will regularly engage with the public at events and volunteer days throughout the season.

Read more about each of them below:

Carla Brack

Carla is an apprentice with the Shiloh Farm and Frick Greenhouse this year. She’s interested in learning more about local, sustainable agriculture and community enrichment and beautification. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, yoga, and seeing live music.





Robert Grey

Robert is an apprentice at the Frick Greenhouse and Braddock Farms this year. He has previously worked through Grow Pittsburgh, and wants to gain more experience in agriculture. When he’s not an apprentice with Grow Pittsburgh, you can find Robert playing the guitar.





Kristen Hunninen

Kristen is a senior apprentice with Braddock Farms for 2014. She hopes to work in urban farming in the future, and that’s what brought her to Grow Pittsburgh. Kristen enjoys hiking and backpacking when she’s not on the farm.






Essence Muhammed-Howze

This year, Essence is serving as an Education intern. She wants to contribute, grow, and learn while interning with Grow Pittsburgh this summer. In her spare time, Essence plans events, creates art, and maintains her home.






Regina Sakas

Braddock Farms welcomes Regina as an apprentice this year. Regina has previously worked with Grow Pittsburgh through the Braddock Youth Project. She would like to gain more garden experience and when she’s not playing in the dirt, she is hiking, camping, or fishing.





Rochelle Sumpter

Rochelle will be an apprentice at Frick and Shiloh for 2014. She applied to the position to learn more about gardening. Rochelle likes to spend her free time exercising.







Ashlee Wolowic

Ashlee is serving as an external affairs intern, representing Grow Pittsburgh at various events and volunteer activities. She applied for this position due to prior experience and enjoyment working with Grow Pittsburgh. Ashlee enjoys playing with her dogs.