Grow Pittsburgh is committed to addressing any local or statewide policy hurdles that interfere with the success of urban agriculture in our region. We are proud to participate in the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, an organization that works to build a food system that benefits our communities, our economy and our environment in ways that are equitable and sustainable.

Current policy issues Grow Pittsburgh is advocating for include:

  • Create pathways for farmers and gardeners to obtain secure, affordable, long-term land access for urban agriculture
  • Understand and address soil quality and safety issues in the urban environment
  • Define urban agriculture as an integral component of equitable neighborhood development and ensure it is represented in all neighborhood, municipal and regional planning
  • Increase access to the materials necessary to practice agriculture, including compost
  • Increase educational and economic opportunities in urban agriculture to build community wealth, anchor local food systems, and equitably share their benefits
  • Increase farm-to-school procurement
  • Increase opportunities for engaged, hands-on learning through gardening and cooking classes in schools