300 Hay Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15221
300 Hay Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15221 US
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Rev. Deborah Warren

Community Farm Land is gardened collectively by volunteers and sometimes paid staff, where produce is shared among volunteers, donated, and/or sold for no profit. Includes food pantry, gardens, and food forests.
Volunteers are welcome and can contact Barb or Harry at 412-242-4430.
Mission Statement: To provide fresh fruits and vegetables to neighbors in need.
Established 2010
The growing space operates on Thursday evenings.
Our project space also hosts regular Thursday Evenings in the Park during the summer from 5:30 to 7:30pm where we have Sno Cones, games, and other activities. We also have a monthly picnic. Our annual planting day is May 22nd.
Project Partners: Grow Pittsburgh
Our produce is donated to the food pantry.
We grow in a large L shaped bed for vegetables, a 25 tree fruit orchard and two flower gardens.

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