159 Winslow Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
159 Winslow Street Pittsburgh PA 15206
Contact Name:
Samirah Abdul Wahhaab

Masjid al Mu’min Madinah Garden is a Community Garden. Land gardened collectively by volunteers where produce is shared among volunteers, donated and/or sold for no profit.
Mission Statement: Growing Healthy food and Healthy Communities.
Established 2015
Project Partners: Grow Pittsburgh and Western Conservancy of Pennsylvania
Our growing space operates on various days and hours.
Our produce is consumed by our volunteers and is also given away as charity.
Volunteers are welcome. Potential volunteers must provide proof of residence and the willingness to be fully committed to making the garden sustainable.
We grow in 6 (8′ x 4′) raised beds, 9 (50 inch wide) round fabric raised beds, 6 fruit trees and blueberry bush.

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