5409 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206
5409 Kincaid Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15206 US
Contact Name:
Lydia Yoder

Community Garden, also known as an allotment garden, where people rent or adopt individual beds to grow crops.
We allot beds or growing space to individuals at no cost.
The garden is open to Garfield residents, with preference given to those who live closest to it, to join our project.
Mission Statement: Everyone eats, no one gets hurt.
Established 2011
In additon to Lydia, you can contact Minette Vaccariello at justaminette@gmail.com.
Project Partners: Garfield Community Action Team, Bloomfield Garfield Corporation, PULSE, CISP, Assemble
We grow in 38 garden beds, varying in size. Common sizes are 4×8 and 5×5.

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