7351 Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208
7351 Frankstown Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15208 US

The Junior Green Corp is a job readiness program for teenagers ages 14 to 18yrs old that is run all year round. We employ up to 20 youth (10 boys and 10 girls) during the school year and work with them throughout the summer. Our program is a stipend base which means they are paid based on their participation.

We work four days out of the week during the school year with some weekends added as bonus day and we work five days out of the week during the summer. During the summer, we have a two day out of the state trip that will have one day of learning and one day of fun for all youth to enjoy. After the summer, we update our current curriculum based on projects done throughout the year and give it out to our youth.

For more program details, you can go to our website at obbinc.org/programs/JGC