Cornwall St & Wicklow St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224
Cornwall St & Wicklow St Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15224 US
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John Creasy

Commercial Urban Farm Land is gardened by staff, owners, and sometimes volunteers, and food grown is sold commercially to restaurants, farm stands, and/or CSA.
Mission Statement: We seek to learn, teach, and practice organic gardening and farming in the places that have been neglected and abandoned, in and with the neighborhood of Garfield.
Established 2008
In addition to John, you can contact AJ Bisesi at
Project Partners: Open Door Presbyterian Church, Valley View Presbyterian Church
The growing space typically operates Monday through Saturday.
Our produce is available to our volunteers, donated to the food pantry, sold to individuals, sold at a farm stand, and may be sold commercially to restaurants, retailers, or wholesalers.
Our produce is also used in food demonstrations for education.
Volunteers are welcome at weekly volunteer nights on Thursdays from 5:30pm to dark.
We also offer camps, worship services, potlucks, education classes, meditation/prayer at our project site.
We grow in ground bed on about 2.5 acres. For infrastructure, we have one shed, one pavilion, one cobb oven, one bioshelter, one tunnel, multiple compost bins, multiple rain barrels, and fencing.

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