3208 Camp Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
3208 Camp Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15219 US
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Jaineil Mattox

In 2019, Shop’n Save closed its doors for the final time, after only being open five years after its grand opening. Its location was The Hill District. The Hill District had not had a full-service supermarket in three decades before the opening of Shop’n Save. Our community continues to go without the access of fresh food and produce.  Our local community Garden is free to all members of the community. We maintain a plot of land that houses a community garden, we were able to work with the children in the community to decorate the garden which in turn gave the children a chance to express their artistic abilities. Our local community garden is in The Upper Hill District. The Hill District community is an example of what is known as a food desert and has been for over 3 years. We do not have access to affordable, good quality and fresh food. With the help of a few volunteers from our community we were able to transform a small plot of land into an area suitable for planting. We first began our journey with a DIY greenhouse where we were successfully able plant and grow cucumbers, peas, onions, eggplants, jalapenos, raspberries and sunflower seeds. We were then able to transplant the plants into the ground of the revitalize land. We have distributed many of the vegetables throughout the community.

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