411 Broadway Avenue, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 15108
411 Broadway Avenue Coraopolis Pennsylvania 15108 US
Contact Name:
Heather Henry

Community Farm Land is gardened collectively by volunteers and sometimes paid staff, where produce is shared among volunteers, donated, and/or sold for no profit. Includes food pantry, gardens, and food forests.

Volunteers are welcome.

Mission Statement: Grow food for hungry neighbors and educate the community about healthy gardening.

Established 2012

In addition to Heather, you can contact Sam Jampetro at Sam.Jampetro@coryfoundation.org

Project Partners: Coraopolis Community Development Foundation

The growing space typically operates Saturday and Sunday mornings, other times as scheduled.

Our produce is available to our volunteers and donated to the food pantry.

Volunteers can call the Coraopolis Community Development Foundation at (412) 368 for information.

We grow in thirteen (13) 3’x9′ beds + additional growing space