370 Lawn Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
370 Lawn Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213 US
Contact Name:
Mel Cronin

Community Farm Land is gardened collectively by volunteers and sometimes paid staff, where produce is shared among volunteers, donated, and/or sold for no profit. Includes food pantry, gardens, and food forests.

Mission Statement: The CHS Food Pantry provides access to healthy food, health and wellness resources, financial and job counseling, and other community resources to empower individuals to live a healthy and independent life.

Established 2015

In addition to Mel, you can contact Joseph Herbstritt at joseph.herbstritt@gmail.com

Project Partners: Engineers Without Borders, Western PA Conservancy

The growing space typically operates Wednesday evenings and Thursdays from 2pm-6pm

Our produce is donated to the food pantry.

Volunteers are welcome at weekly volunteer nights on Wednesdays. For questions, email Mel or Joe for more information.

We grow in 2,150 square feet.