600 West North Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212
600 West North Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15212 US
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Hanna Mosca

Community Farm Land is gardened collectively by volunteers and sometimes paid staff, where produce is shared among volunteers, donated, and/or sold for no profit. Includes food pantry, gardens, and food forests.

Residents of the Allegheny YMCA, members of the YMCA can join our project.

Mission Statement: This garden is tended to by the gentlemen who reside at the Allegheny YMCA. The garden grows fruits, vegetables and herbs are that are consumed primarily by the residents of the Y and any over abundance is offered to members free of charge. The garden is named in honor of Bill (Boxy) Caufield, long time resident and staff member who died of cancer in 2012.

Established 2011

Our produce is available to our volunteers and donated to the food pantry.