Our 2023 seedling sale is over for the season. If you are looking for fall seedlings, check out Soil Sisters Plant Nursery.

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We restock varieties as much as possible and have various plants at all times. Throughout the season, the available seedlings will change based on weather, orders, plant pests, and other factors. The greatest variety of seedlings will be found at our Garden Dreams greenhouse.

Summer crops, such as peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes, are available starting Mother’s Day weekend. Check back often for new offerings.

A Note About Sourcing

In an effort to avoid supporting the agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto, we’ve stopped purchasing seeds even indirectly sold through them.

Thanks for your support as we strive to more fully embody two of our organizational values: environmental sustainability and transparency. For more information, please see our Info Hub article on Safe Seed.

*We grow our seedlings according to national organic standards but are not certified organic.