7238 Fleury Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208
7238 Fleury Way Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15208 US
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Tacumba Turner

Oasis Farm & Fishery is an educational initiative of The Oasis Project, the community outreach and economic development arm of Bible Center Church We are a one of a kind urban Bio-Market Garden located in the neighborhood of Homewood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our main foci are growing quality, hyper-local produce and providing urban farming education for people of all ages.Oasis Farm & Fishery is a black-owned and led urban farm in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Homewood.

​We exist to teach and apply urban farming techniques and equip youth and adults to grow their own food and cook healthy recipes using fresh produce. Our site consists of a direct current (DC) powered greenhouse that stores 1,750 gallons of reclaimed rainwater and includes both aquaponic and hydroponic food production systems. We also have a 24-panel solar canopy and an outdoor kitchen equipped with a brick pizza oven. Our surrounding property includes an outdoor classroom, a straw bale garden, a satellite farm, and African American heritage garden. All of which are used for outreach programming.

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