527 Edlam Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224
527 Edlam Way Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15224 US
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John Creasy

Community Farm Land is gardened collectively by volunteers and sometimes paid staff, where produce is shared among volunteers, donated, and/or sold for no profit. Includes food pantry, gardens, and food forests.
Volunteers are welcome.
Established 2008
Project Partners: Too many to list.
The growing space typically operates Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Our produce is available to our volunteers, donated to the food pantry, sold to individuals, sold at a farm stand and may be sold commercially to restaurants, retailers, or wholesalers.
Volunteers can get involved Thursdays 5:30 to 8pm.
We also host a Spring cookout, First Saturday of the month work day, and Wednesday farm stand at our project site.
We grow in 25 once vacant lots, 3 full city blocks.

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