3638 Frazier Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
3638 Frazier Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213 US
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South Oakland Neighborhood Group

Community Garden, also known as an allotment garden, where people rent or adopt individual beds to grow crops.
We allot beds or growing space to individuals. Availability varies throughout the year.
South Oakland Residents can join our project.
Mission Statement: Frazier Farms provides an outlet for community members to connect and development relationships, while also providing fresh, organic vegetables for a neighborhood without a local supermarket.
Established 2010
Project Partners: Oakland Planning and Development Corporation
Our growing space is open to the community during daytime hours..
Our produce is available to our volunteers and shared with neighbors..
We also participate in South Oakland Day.
We grow in 100 ft. by 47 ft. area that contains 14 garden beds and additional space for flowers and herbs.

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